Inspired by nature, Naimal Khawar spills the beans behind her new artwork

The former actor and artist shared the idea behind her painting on Instagram

Entertainment Desk August 22, 2022

Artist and former actor Naimal Khawar Khan is back with another stellar art collection and this one’s inspired by nature. Titled Al Wadood, which means the most loving, the painting features flora and fauna enclosed within a frame of patterned swirls.

Sharing up close and zoomed-out pictures of the first artwork from the series, the 28-year-old painter took to Instagram to share the process that shaped the artwork. “This series is the result of silent moments of observation with nature,” she wrote.

For Khan, it was all about the intricate details of the sky and the land and everything that inhabits it. The series came from the mundane evenings at her house which was spent on the balcony staring at the landscape; a place where she finds herself “most at peace.”

Talking about the birds in the painting, she added, “Idle evenings sitting on the balcony staring at the vast pink sky and the countless birds flying around it, swaying, dancing, almost like in a state of trance. I’ve always been obsessed with it, the birds circling the sky in flocks at dusk, as if they’re gathered for a secret meeting, conspiring about something bigger than us all.”

For the Verna actor, appreciating the beauty of nature is one peaceful activity that eventually helps her connect deeper with her Creator, the shaper of all things. The collection is now displayed on her website.

Earlier in 2019, Khan officially announced that she is bidding her acting career farewell to pursue her art. "I will not be pursuing it as a career because I feel that I cannot balance it with my art, which will always remain my first priority and passion," she had penned. "You will not be seeing me on the screen anymore but you will be seeing a lot more of my paintings and hopefully, exhibitions. I would like to thank all the wonderful people I met in this short endeavour. It’s been lovely. May you all follow your heart and passions."

Later when she established a website to archive and monetise her art, she was questioned whether she plans on returning to dramas in a Q&A session. To this, Khan answered, "I might if I get time if I am honest." She added, "But you know with Mustafa (her son) and my work, it seems quite unlikely. Maybe when he has grown older a bit, maybe next year. I don't know. We'll see. I'm not too sure. If I can manage both things then why not.”


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