Faisal's mic move with Imran at Lahore rally triggers meme fest on social media

Social media users says Faisal Javed performed famous Turkish ice cream trick with PTI chief

Our Correspondent August 15, 2022
Faisal Javed would hoist up the alluring mic to Imran's lips before jerking it away immediately. SCREENGRAB


As the crowd chanted his name with a frenzy otherwise reserved for a pop star, PTI chief Imran Khan was apparently left in an awkward position each time he reached out for the microphone during the party's power show at Lahore's Hockey Ground on Saturday.

As the excited former prime minister took the stage to finally launch himself into the much-awaited speech his supporters had been waiting for with strained ears, party leader Faisal Javed kept “hogging” the mic.

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In a video that has gone viral, Imran can be seen standing next to Fasal Javed who was welcoming him to take the stage with a traditional speech of praise.

Meanwhile, Imran tried to grab the mic apparently hoisted up to his lips temptingly and then jerked away as soon as he attempted to take hold of it.

After witnessing the gaffe, netizens flooded social media with reactions. While some were sympathetic to Imran’s act, many started a meme fest as well.

Some said Imran's predicament resembled embarrassed customers at the famous Turkish ice cream vendor who, while trying to take hold of the sinful dollop of the chewy ice cream, end up with an empty cone.

The sight of Faisal "teasing" his leader with the alluring mic was all too familiar, said the users.

"Faisal Javed taking his hits at Khan by not giving him the mic," said one user on Twitter.

"Imran Khan was so impatient that he could literally elbow out Faisal and take control of the mic," said another.

One noted that, "Khan sahb just wanted the mic and nothing else but Faisal Javed had other plans".

"The memes on Faisal Javed and Imran Khan's mic clip are just amazing. No nation can honestly compete with our meme sense," a Twitterati pointed out.

When Faisal finally handed over the mic, netizens heaved a sigh of relief.

"Finally, Imran has been given the mic. Otherwise, he would have definitely scolded Faisal," one user said, with a laughing emoji.



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