Balochistan unrest: 19 NATO tankers torched in Mastung

Unidentified gunmen opened fire on NATO supply tankers en route to Afghanistan.

Shezad Baloch August 23, 2011
Balochistan unrest: 19 NATO tankers torched in Mastung


Nineteen oil tankers carrying fuel for Nato forces stationed in Afghanistan were torched on Monday in Mastung, Balochistan.

Witnesses told The Express Tribune that four men, armed with sophisticated weapons, came in a car and opened fire at the tankers that were escorted by Balochistan Levies personnel. The incident took place near Gwandaine area of Dasht sub-district of Mastung. Witnesses said the attackers managed to flee the scene.

“Around 25 to 30 Afghanistan-bound oil tankers were on their way to Chaman from Mehmood Kot when a group of armed men opened fire on them in Dasht,” said Balochistan Levies official Ismail Kurd. “We managed to save five oil tankers,” Kurd said, adding that the drivers of all tankers fled the scene after the incident. Admitting that Balochistan Levies lack the resources to provide proper cover, he said that only two Levies vehicles provide security to Nato oil tankers.

“We had just parked the oil tankers and were sitting nearby. After a few minutes I heard intense firing,” said Faraz, one of the drivers who fled after hearing gunshots.

This is the single biggest attack on Nato fuel tankers during the past few months. Five oil tankers were torched in the same area two days ago. However, no group has so far claimed responsibility.

Unidentified militants regularly target Nato oil tankers on highways in Balochistan, which is the second largest route for supplies of goods, military hardware and fuel to coalition forces stationed in Afghanistan. The Karachi-Quetta-Chaman Highway is used to transport military hardware and other logistical equipment while the Mehmood Kot-Quetta-Chaman Highway is used to transport fuel supplies.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 23rd, 2011.


Sultan Ahmed. | 12 years ago | Reply

Change your supply routes, and routs of policies toward central asia subcontinent , withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq, let peace come in the region.

Hills and walls and the earth has been bloodstained , young sons are dying without any purpose, purposelessly dying, let the tears in the mothers eyes dry, let them smile as you smile in the dinner and dancing parties.

Let me say, all dreams are not come true, you have seen a dream and seen all nations in your foots,

but it is wrong, ration and fuel was set on fire, sparks rising up and trying to touch the blue sky, |God is greatest,looking everything and know everything.

Sultan Ahmed. | 12 years ago | Reply

Underground policies are going on, some power draw our attention to other matter, their basic object to create more and more hate between extremist powers and Pakistan so that they keep the way clean and supply remained continue but extremist have their own strategy .

In such condition created by a super power,resulting in we are facing tremendous unrest inside the country,specially in Karachi that is a commercial and financial hub of the country.

They,secretly raided Abbottabd and killed Osama bin laden,they granted no permission from the authority concerned.what is result of that military action,be considered, before us. Blood stained roads of Karach before us and we are watching them with foolish mind and leveling allegation against each others.

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