Loss of a mother and home: Saba, Nadia among others mourn passing of Bilquis Edhi

Many are remembering the legacy and work of late philanthropist and the lessons we must take from her life.

Entertainment Desk April 16, 2022

Bilquis Bano Edhi, the widow of renowned humanitarian and philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, died on Friday in Karachi from a cardiovascular disease she was under treatment for since the last few days. was reported to be in a stable condition on Thursday after she was rushed to the hospital earlier this week when her blood pressure suddenly dropped. She was 74.

One of the most active philanthropists in the country and a professional nurse, Bilquis co-chaired the Edhi Foundation with her son Faisal Edhi after her husband’s passing in 2016.She spent more than six decades of her life serving humanity, with her charity saving over 42,000 unwanted babies via "jhoolas" [cradles] placed outside Edhi Homes and centres across the country.

Now, a number of celebrities are remembering her work, sacrifices and the life she led.

Sending a prayer her way, Saba Qamar mourned, "Bilquis Edhi passed away, what a tremendous loss for Pakistan. May her soul rest in peace."

Osman Khalid Butt tweeted, "Rest in peace and power, Bilquis ji. We will never forget your contributions to Pakistan."

Acknowledging that Bulquis Edhi has now joined her beloved in heaven, actor Ushna Shah reflected, "Our country has always been torn apart by greed and power hunger. The Edhis left a legacy of servitude and selflessness, the countless souls they have saved will be uttering prayers for her."

Adnan Siddiqui also remembered her rare selflessness. "We have lost a great philanthropist and an ever greater human being," he tweeted. "It takes rare selflessness to dedicate your entire life to serving humanity. Bilquis Edhi, your humanitarian work will inspire generations," added the actor.

Mahira Khan was simply heartbroken. "Bilquis Edhi…" she tweeted, with a heartbreak emoji.

Actor Mansha Pasha pointed out how Pakistanis may be divided by politics, especially at the moment, but will forever be united in their love for philanthropists like Bilquis and Edhi. "Rest in peace Bilquis Edhi. Arguments and political discourse on one side, Pakistanis are forever united under the grace and privilege of having had Edhi Sahab and his wife be a guiding light and help to us in our darkest and most helpless time. We are forever indebted." she tweeted.

Nadia Jamil rightfully termed the passing of Bilquis an end of an era. "An end of an era. Edhi Sahab and Apa were a shade, a home to so many. May their legacy live on in Faisal Bhai & Saba Bhabhi. Edhi and Bilquis were magnificent. May we all continue to learn from them and model their unshrinking commitment to humanity," tweeted Nadia. She even shared pictures with the late humanitarian.

Humayun Saeed was "deeply saddened to learn about the passing of Bilquis Edhi sahiba." He tweeted, "May Allah bless her soul and reward her for all her efforts and great work for humanity."

Hadiqa Kiani, who's been directly impacted by Edhis' contributions, penned a heartfelt note to remember the "vessel" that brought to her to her son, Naaday Ali. Sharing a photo with Bilquis and her then, baby son, the singer and actor wrote, "Mrs Bilquis Edihi was a woman unlike any other," she wrote on her Instagram Stories. "She took the world's burden on her back and stood up to simply help the world become a better place. I believe that Allah (SWT) made her vessel of aid to people in need. He also made her the vessel, my source, to bring me to my son, Naaday Ali. She trusted me with being a mother and I, like so many others touched by Mrs Edhi's grace, will forever be grateful. I pray for her peace and I pray her legacy carries on."

Veteran actor Samina Peerzada also chimed in, "Rest in peace Biquis Edhi. What an amazing life dedicated to the poor and needy of our world. Abdul Sattar Edhi and Bilquis Edhi are our true Heroes. We will miss them and need them forever."

Singer Quratulain Baloch praised the unmatched legacy left behind by the Edhis and tweeted about what we can learn from it. "You [Bilquis] have been an inspiration and a standard unmatched. You and Edhi sahab taught us humanity and what it’s like to be selfless. Rest In Peace now."

Actor Adnan Malik mourned the loss of a mother. "thank you for your vigor determination and kindness on this planet," he wrote on his Instagram Story. Actor Ayesha Omar echoed a similar sentiment, acknowledging "the nation has lost one of its mothers today".

Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy shared a photo of the deceased, calling her our conscience. "She was our conscience in many ways, uplifting the marginalized with her love and sheer determination," she wrote.

Singer Komal Rizvi chimed in saying, "Pyari Bilquis aapa, aapki kami puray Pakistan ko mehsoos hogi [Dear Bilquis apa, your absence will be felt by the whole of Pakistan]," with the hashtag "Legend Of Pakistan".

Here’s hoping we all can take notes from Bilquis and Edhi’s life and work towards fighting our egos to serve humanity instead of fighting each other to serve our egotistical selves.

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