Rape case suspect killed in police ‘encounter’

Suspect sexually assaulted a bride two weeks ago

Iqbal Shaikh June 12, 2021


The suspect who raped a bride in Haji Shahwala area of Shujaabad, was killed during an alleged police encounter in Basti Maluk area on Friday.

Basti Maluk police arrested the suspect Abid Hussain alias Abidi on a motorcycle during a blockade near Chak 7 bridge.

Weapons and a motorcycle that were snatched during the incident were also recovered. According to the sources, the suspect was being taken for further recovery when his accomplices opened fire on a police party near Pareshan Chowk in an attempt to set him free.

During the cross-fire, the robber was shot dead by his accomplices. However, the remaining suspects managed to escape by taking advantage of the darkness after the retaliatory firing of the police.

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Police said the slain robber Abid Hussain Abidi was involved in more than 40 cases including murder, robbery and rape during the robbery and other cases. The suspect had also raped the newlywed bride in Haji Shahwala area of City Shujaabad police station two weeks ago and was wanted by the police.

In addition, in 2020, the suspect was also wanted in a case of rape during a robbery in the area of Muzaffarabad police station.

Basti Maluk Police registered a case against the fugitives and teams have been formed which are conducting raids to arrest the other remaining suspects.