Israeli atrocities

Israeli atrocities

Raja Shafaatullah May 22, 2021

One wonders where the saviours of human rights, the champions of democracy, and the protectors of free speech disappear when it comes to one of the worst tales of oppression in the modern era. Israel is, as it did in the past, bombing densely populated areas in Gaza in the name of self-defence. It is destroying buildings, desecrating schools, breaking down water and sewage lines, and demolishing power lines on a daily basis. It recently destroyed a building that housed media houses including Al Jazeera.

Heavy bombing in civilian areas has caused massive causalities of innocent people including women and children. The global superpower, the US, is witnessing the massacre, yet it remains apologetic for the aggressor. US officials, instead of leading the free world to stop the atrocities being committed in Palestine, pledged unconditional support for Israel. He, instead of condemning the barbaric actions of Israel, spoke of their right to self-defence.

The UN General Assembly and the Security Council can’t do anything as the real control lies with the powers holding the right to veto. Anything even remotely condemning Israel is vetoed by the US. Through such actions, world powers have made the UN a toothless and useless body that is unable to follow through on its mandate. However, while countries like Pakistan and Turkey are working hard to convince the UN members to pressure Israel to stop the aggression against the innocent people of Palestine there seems no light at the end of the tunnel. Even though a ceasefire may have been reached, what has happened to Palestine cannot be undone and atrocities continue unabated.

It is a shame the world powers would destroy a country on a false or cooked-up information and look the other way whenever they please. It is time the global leaders for once worked for truth and justice and rallied behind Palestinians instead of enabling the apartheid state of Israel.


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