The Beauty Edit: Fatima Nasir

The distinguished make-up artist shares some of her most iconic looks

May 24, 2021


Ace make-up artist Fatima Nasir is noted for her uncompromising devotion to anything beauty. She is celebrated for creating out-of-the-box looks using striking colours. The distinguished make-up artist shares some of the most iconic looks she has created. Some of the featured pictures are from Fatima Nasir’s popular make-up series: The Seven Deadly Sins where each look represented a sin- Lust, Wrath and Greed. It took her a year to execute the series but, the make-up says it was well worth the effort. Another popular look that Fatima created was ‘Galactic Delight’ where it took her almost three weeks to create an avant-grade head piece to complete another iconic look.