‘Meri Siasi Bible - Bhutto kay Afkar’: Immortalising the views of a fallen leader

The book provides detailed information about Bhutto’s concept of democracy.

Express August 12, 2011

“Meri Siasi Bible - Bhutto kay Afkar”, or My Political Bible - Ideals of Bhutto, combines the Pakistan Peoples Party founder’s speeches and quotes, highlighting various dimensions of his personality.

The book was compiled by Senator Moula Bakhsh Chandio and published by National Book Foundation, stated a press release on Thursday.

The book aims to preserve the fallen leader’s views about key policy issues and challenges the Pakistani nation was confronting in the 1970s; these views are valid even today, said the press release.

For a reader and a researcher, the 307-page book serves as a reference book providing detailed information about Bhutto’s concept of democracy and struggle for democracy; his views on Pakistan’s nuclear and foreign policy; challenges to Pakistan’s economy; Bhutto’s expectations from youth; his idea of a homogenous civil society; his analysis and views about the separation of East Pakistan; contours of Pak-India bilateral relations; 1973 Constitution; industrial, agriculture and banking sector’s uplift; education, health and local bodies; concerns for minorities and his dream of a progressive and prosperous Pakistan.

In the book, the author has also revealed some hidden aspects of Bhutto’s personality, including his strong sense of nationalism and opposition to capitalism, and his compassion for the downtrodden, unprivileged and oppressed segments of the society.

“Bhutto’s message was a message of peace, prosperity and progress,” said Chandio, the author, who has written many other books on Bhutto’s life and philosophy. National Book Foundation Managing Director Mazharul Islam hoped that the publication would “go a long way in helping the readers and research scholars learn about Bhutto’s doctrine, which is a doctrine of peace, tolerance ad mutual co-existence”.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 12th, 2011.


Yousuf | 12 years ago | Reply

Bhutto was a great person, you might disagree with his philosophy but one admits he is the most popular and well-thought political figure of this country till now. He gave the voice to the peoples, gave new dimensions, list is so long, have done so remarkable things in Pakistan for the frist time in history. No one is perfect so was he. He is the only person who has so much positive impacts on politics of Pakistan even after so many years of his dead.

BraveHeart | 12 years ago | Reply

Stop talking about bhutto and all they are history and not to mention the dark part of our history Move On

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