The Beauty Edit: Life-changing make-up hacks

Here are some makeup tips and tricks you need to try stat!

April 15, 2021


Thanks to social media, with easy access to make-up tips, hacks and tutorials most of us are now real pros when it comes to applying make-up that suits us best. We know how to cover a zit, where to apply blush on, and the right way to conceal and so on. But even if you feel you know enough about make-up techniques, these hacks prove there’s always room to learn and know more. Whether you’re looking to fix common make-up problems like creasing or fading, or you just want to change up your look, here are a few make-up hacks that you need to try!

Powder your lashes

Even though this hack has been there for a while, we never thought it would works. But it does! Which is why we have added it to our make-up hack list. The key to fluffier and fuller lashes is not just a good mascara and eyelash curler. Add a bit of translucent powder to the mix and you’ll see a major difference - good difference. Dab a bit of powder after your first coat of mascara. This will add volume and intensity to your eyelashes by making them look thicker. Let it sit and then apply a second coat of mascara to cover the dustiness, and you’ll see the difference yourself.

Apply concealer in a triangle

Even though the new trend is to apply concealer in the outer edge and teardrop to give a lifting impact. We still feel applying concealer in a triangle sits, covers and looks better. Apply in upside down triangle to brighten any dark circles and draw attention up to your pupils.

Apply eyeliner according to your eye shape

The key to applying the eye liner which suits you best is to first figure out what your eye shape is. Everyone’s eyes are different in shape and size. Then see which eyeliner style would suit you best and what look you’re trying to achieve.

Save your mascara

If your mascara is not sitting well on your eyelashes or the texture is thick and clumpy, its time to refresh your mascara. Add a few drops of saline solution in the mascara tube and swirl the wand around. It will add moisture and help improve the texture and quality of the mascara.

Add a white or nude liner

When we want an intense and closed off look, we add kajal or dark eyeliner in the waterline. White or nude liner will do the opposite. It will help open your eyes and make you look more awake. Find a liner that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply the liner to your bottom waterline. This will give an illusion of wide, big and bright eyes!

White pencil for brows

You don’t need a highlighter to give your brows a lift. Use a white eyeliner (preferably pencil liner) or a bit of white or nude eye shadow under your brows. Draw a fine line right under your eyebrow and then blend it. Make sure it’s not too shiny or shimmery, you want it to look natural and subtle without drawing too much attention to your eyebrows. This hack will dramatically highlight the natural arch of your brows.

Give your cupid bow attention

If you want to bring attention to your lips and make them look fuller- grab a highlighter! Highlighter draws forward certain points on our face. Once you’ve applied lipstick, simply dab some highlighter on the cupid’s bow of your lips, and you’ll be able to see the difference right away.

Lip liner for fuller lips

We all know applying lip liner as a base for your lipstick helps keep it in place. If you want to give the illusion of bigger lips simply draw just over the natural lines of your lips and you can make your lips appear larger. Use the lip liner to fill in your lips in the same colour for the coverage to stay longer.


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