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March 29, 2021

Accufix Cosmetics

Skin care can be complex and ingredients lists, confusing, but the products that you use, have a huge impact on your skin. You don’t need to use a lot of products to see results. You do however, need to ensure that each one you use has good ingredients, and is suitable for your skin. AccuFix Cosmetics are committed to using clean, biocompatible ingredients that offer tangible benefits for your skin. They stay away from suspicious or harmful ingredients including drying alcohols and SLS, and ensure that active ingredients are at efficacious levels. Their skincare range is designed to help you reap maximum benefit with a minimum number of products. For more details log onto: www.instagram.com/accufixcosmetics/


YDEWY is a lifestyle brand, dedicated to bringing a confluence of artistry, design and handmade craft. YDEWY is all about originality and authenticity, and they believe that there is no better way to incorporate that into their products than to handcraft them entirely from the beginning to the end. Each handmade piece is as unique as every individual. Even if it belongs to a series, each one will be slightly different from the next. It’s the minute imperfections that make it so desirable, and it makes you the sole owner of a distinctive artwork. Each item is delicately designed just for you. It’s all about the time and effort that goes into each piece of work, making it all the more special. All their products contain and transmit the artisan’s essence in the form of love, a feeling a machine-made product cannot communicate. For more details log onto: www.instgaram.com/yedwyofficial/

OG Organix Cleansing Balm

This cleansing balm by OG Organix is magic. It instantly melts make-up, removes impurities, and gently pulls out dirt from the pores. It transforms from a balm to silky oil that melts all traces of dirt, make-up, and sunscreen from skin, removing even water-resistant formulations. The formula utilise oils and emollients to break down make-up, dirt, SPF, sweat, excess oils, and other impurities that might be on the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, it is great for dry skin types since it’s so nourishing, but also really effective for oily skin types as oil attracts oils, so it helps to remove any excess. This cleanser is free of essential oils, silicones, sulphates, surfactants and fragrance. For more details log onto: www.ogorganix.com.pk


‘Go Minimal’- Find beauty in the ordinary. BROWN is an online shop for everyday minimal wear. They are commited to provide a combination of contemporary and sophisticated clothing solutions. Their collection offers a range of down to earth and easy to wear items that are perfect for everyday wear. For more details log onto: www.instagram.com/thebrown.pk/


Freya is a clothing brand that caters to the individualistic demands of every customer by offering an array of elegant yet fashionable western attire. By materialising the vision into reality, Freya is all about offering high quality fabrics with patterns ranging from beautiful hues of vibrant colour schemes to unique floral designs, abstract patterns and more. For more details log onto: www.instagram.com/freyabymh/



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