Cat Needed: Dead mouse gets flour mill sealed

dead mouse was found in a flour bag

Express August 11, 2011

GILGIT: A flour mill was sealed in the Pari area of Gilgit after a dead mouse was found in a flour bag, sources said on Wednesday.  “We received a complaint regarding a dead mouse in a flour bag from Saeed Khan, a local resident,” said an official requesting anonymity. Following the complaint, Magistrate Gaib Shah and Food Inspector Asif Hussain raided the factory and sealed it. The magistrate has submitted a report to the police for further investigations, he added. The management of the mill, however, expressed shock over the incident. Mumtaz Shah, a representative of the mill, said they had recently purchased the mill from another party, adding that they had maintained a clean mechanism in the entire factory. He said a sabotage by some rivals could be a possible cause of the incident.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 11th, 2011.