How Pakistanis perceive America

The shoe cobbler has been fed this perception of anti-Americanism by those wearing broken chappals.

Letter August 08, 2011

WICHITA, KS, US: This is with reference to Daniyal Noorani’s article of August 8 titled “How Pakistanis perceive America”. The shoe cobbler has been fed this perception of anti-Americanism by those wearing broken chappals as well by those donning American designer shoes (purchased most probably with the money loaned by America).

When America left after the last Afghan war, the Pakistanis complained at having being left in the lurch. The question that people in Pakistan need to ask themselves is, who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Pakistanis as well as soldiers and policemen? Is this not the Taliban and their other militant/extremist allies?

And if that is the case, why do so many Pakistanis hate America, despite the fact that American drones have taken out hundreds of known terrorists?

Wasil Arain

Published in The Express Tribune, August 9th, 2011.


philosophy student | 12 years ago | Reply

from where have you got the information that those killed in drone attacks are terrorists. Has anybody ever bothered to prove the authenticity of this statement. And even if believe that these drones have really been targetted towards REAL TERRORISTS is there any count of the innocent civilians being killed in all these attacks uptill now as a collateral damage. Do you think these Americans have the right to decide who is terrorist amongst us and who should be killed and who should be spared. Should they be answerable for these civilian casualities the same way as we are all the time pointing fingers towards taliban. So dont you think there are a number implicit assumptions in your statement whose validityis soarly needed to be checked as all these ideas are driving the thinking of so many people in our nation of mentally colonized people.

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