Pakistani exporters urge for mango shipment via sea route

Shipment by air costs about Rs290 per kg, while by sea it will cost only Rs25.

Ppi August 08, 2011

KARACHI: Pakistani mango exporters urged the governments of the United States of America and Pakistan to allow mango shipment via sea route to make it more profitable.

CEO Harvest Tradings Ahmad Jawad said that the shipment by air is expensive as it costs about Rs290 per kilogramme. “By sea, it will cost exporters only Rs25/ kg, making mango exports more profitable,” he said.

Around 60 tons of Pakistani mangoes will be exported to the US. Jawad said the US importers are concerned on financial feasibility to sell Pakistani mangoes due to its high price. Shipping and handling cost is almost $22 for a 2kg carton.

Unless the US Department of Agriculture is given more options of shipping and irradiation destinations to bring down the cost, Pakistani mangoes will remain beyond the reach of American people.

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