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Tech Desk September 23, 2020
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Assaults on women have taken the shape of an epidemic in Pakistan. As the motorway incident highlighted, the system seems to be failing in protecting women from day to day harassment and vile attacks. Not only that, the narrative seems to blame the victim.

While the battle to make the country more secure for women continues, here are some apps women can use to seek help in a crisis situation:

Eyewatch SOS for Women

Eyewatch SOS for Women is able to help by sending your location and audio video signature to your protectors-parents/ spouse or friends.

“What I like about the app is that is has a great accuracy of location and It promptly sent a message to my people listed on my ICE,” writes a user.

Simply press the ‘I am Safe’ option and inform your protectors that you have reached the location safely, the app has been praised for its high location accuracy, functioning without GPRS, and Safety confirmation feature.


The Hollaback app gathers evidence of harassment and crime on streets to alert authorities about the extent of the problem. The app notes your location and lets you explain about how you were harassed or what you may have witnessed.

SpotnSave Feel secure
SpotnSave Feel secure was created to allow users to inform family and friends about their whereabouts. The app sends an alert along with user's location to a pre-selected contact every two minutes.

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iGoSafely is a women and children safety alarm and emergency contact notification tool which sends alert messages, emails, and/or GPS position to emergency contacts on activation.

The app keeps on sending messages, every minute unless the alarm is turned off using the secret disarm code. You can also send your GPS location and also a recording of what going on around you in case of an incident.

It can be activated by shaking the phone or simply by removing the headphones.


BSafe features utilises an SOS system for safety which can be activated by voice or touch. Selected contacts receive an audio alarm and user's location.

The apps live-streams and records whatever emergency a user is in, and sends location along with the audio and video to their selected guardian. The app also has a timer alarm and a siren.

This app is available on Google Playstore and iTunes.


Shake your device to send a message or make a phone call asking for help to a specified contact.

When the app is running, you will see an indicator in your status bar, as well as a notification in your phone’s notification drawer to inform you that Shake2Safety is active.

Shake your device, and you will receive vibration and a three-second countdown before Shake2Safety sends a message to your selected contact asking for help.

When GPS is enabled, your exact location is shared in the message as well and because Shake2Safety uses built-in SMS and phone calls, you don’t need a data connection.

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My SafetyPin

My SafetyPin app lets users select the safest route and if you enter an unsafe location it notifies your family or friends so they can track you.

The safety of an area is measured using various parameters like public transport, visibility, security etc.

The app is available on Google Playstore and iTunes.


Chilla app is able to detect the scream of the user and sends an alert message to the woman’s guardian. Chilla app sends alert messages to pre-configured contacts on pressing the power button five times.

It can be downloaded from Google Playstore and iTunes.


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