Suicide bomber detonates in Mohmand Agency, accomplice escapes

Officials confirm suicide bomber detonated in Pindyali after being stopped by local tribesmen, no casualties reported.

Iftikhar Firdous August 06, 2011

PESHAWAR: A suicide bomber detonated himself and another person escaped when they were stopped by local tribesmen for identification in the Pindyali tehsil of Mohmand Agency on Saturday. Political administration in the area confirmed the incident.

Sources said the two men were passing through the Shahbaz Korona area when shopkeepers noticed their “strange” behavior and “unfamiliar” faces. They were stopped by the local tribesmen, who asked them for identification.

Security officials in Peshawar said the suicide bomber had first injured himself with a cracker, which caused a crowd to gather around him.

Members of the crowd noticed that the bomber was wearing a suicide jacket and immediately moved away from him. The bomber detonated 30 seconds  later, an official said.

No casualties or injuries besides the bomber have been reported.

“The men started running with the locals following them, one of them exploded himself while the other managed to escape,” APA Maqsood Khan told The Express Tribune.

"Luckily there were no casualties, while the search operation for the missing bomber is underway" added Khan.

Security forces are conducting a search operation for the second man.

The Shahbaz Korona area is a market place where an IDP camp was set up in Danishkol during the recent operation in Brekhna.

Security forces along with the peace lashkars have entered the third and last phase of the operation. Fleeing militants are now trying to target the people who have been assisting security forces fight against the militants.


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