SBC urges judiciary to counter perception of disunity

Bar calls upon SC judges to tackle threats to independence of judiciary

Hasnaat Malik June 26, 2020
Bar calls upon SC judges to tackle threats to independence of judiciary

ISLAMABAD: The Sindh Bar Council (SBC) has urged the judiciary to counter the perception that there is an internal disunity among judges and to tackle alleged threats to the independence of judiciary.

The SBC members have said this in a letter written to Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed against the backdrop of a recent video in which a man is seen using derogatory language against the judiciary.

The bar council has expressed deep dismay and disgust over the video that suddenly became viral on June 24. In the said video, a cleric, Maulvi Agha Iftikhar Uddin Mirza, abused and threatened the entire judiciary particularly Justice Qazi Faez Isa.

The SBA said it has now become a new trend to abuse and threaten the judiciary

It noted that during the Faizabad sit-in in November 2017, videos of TLP leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi became viral in which he had used abusive words against judges including former CJP Mian Saqib Nisar.

Presenting the four burning questions “that every single person in the legal fraternity is asking today", the SBC asked as to how people like Rizvi and Mirza get the confidence, assurance and facilitation to publicly abuse judges and issue threats against them.

“What is the underlying motive and purpose behind such attacks and don’t they deliberately seek to influence, pressure and keep the judiciary in check?" it asked.

If this trend continues, the letter added, will the judiciary not become a subject of hatred, ridicule and contempt – as unfortunately our political classes have become – and will it not end up destroying all public confidence in the judicial system?

"How is it possible to counter the growing perception that it is the internal disunity and inaction of the judiciary itself that has left it vulnerable and unable to properly tackle these and other threats to the independence of judiciary."

It said it was high time for the judiciary to present a strong and united front and to conclusively thwart the designs of those who wish to permanently weaken it.

“This is not only the need of the hour but our duty to future generations. The Supreme Court must collectively take visible and meaningful steps to this end. And stern action against the persons who have made this video and the conspirators behind them is only the first of such steps," it said.


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