Indian anchor vows to shed blood of Pakistani soldiers in Balochistan on air

Threats hurled by Gaurav Arya in bizarre televised debate latest in New Delhi's bluster against Islamabad

Kazim Hamdani May 10, 2020
Threats hurled by Gaurav Arya latest in New Delhi's bluster.PHOTO: YOUTUBE

KARACHI: New Delhi is no stranger to issuing hyperbolic statements and  war rhetoric against Pakistan with the Indian army's retired major Gaurav Arya at the forefront of those spewing hatred from television screens.

Gaurav, who serves as the consulting editor for Republic TV and a host for one of their shows, went as far saying,"Now you will see how the blood of their [Pakistani] soldiers will be shed in Balochistan."

He was sitting in as a guest during a televised debate hosted by Arnab Goswami for the channel.

He continued his rant,"Hum inkey hawaa nikaal dengay.hawaa [You just watch what we do with them...just watch]".

The hardliner is known for his hawkish views on foreign policy with Pakistan.

He went on to claim that he had the numbers of all of the sardars of Balochistan,"Bugti, Marri, name it... I will send it to you with their locations".

As the outragous outburst went on, the defense analyst claimed New Delhi would make "Pakistan pay ten folds for its actions in Kashmir".

While Pakistani defense expert Qamar Cheema was repeatedly interrupted and not given a chance to respond to the outright lies in the debate.

New Delhi under fire over video of Indian soldiers humilitating Kashmiri youth

Cheema, however, then appeared on Gauruv's very own television show as his guest a day later, where he was asked about the situation in Balochistan.

"Gaurav sahab, You have become quite the hit in Pakistan after your recent comments," Cheema quipped.

"We started taking what you said seriously the day self-confessed Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav was arrested and the subsequent unearthing of the Research and Analysis Wing's network in the province".

Jadhav, also a serving commander of the Indian Navy, was convicted in 2017 for fanning terrorism in Balochistan and Karachi, almost a year after his arrest in the largest province of Pakistan.

Cheema said that Islamabad had handed over a dossier to the Indian government detailing New Delhi's attempts to destabilise Pakistan.

Last year, self-exiled Baloch separatist leader Brahamdagh Bugti, who is accused of terrorist activities in Pakistan, formally applied for asylum in India.

The Indian media was once again quick to hail the leader of the banned militant organisation as "a hero".


Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal took to Twitter once the clip went viral quashing Gaurav's allegations as him living in a "fool's paradise".

While Senator Sarfraz Bugti strongly condemned his remarks, claiming it was merely a desperate attempt by the Indian army veteran to land himself a better job.

Similarly, journalist and television personality Hamid Mir also lashed out saying the threats made on live television "were more than enough to start a war crimes case against India".

He tagged Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in the post.


Victoria | 3 years ago | Reply clearly all this is to increase ratings.
Daniel | 3 years ago | Reply All this is to increase media ratings . Let's not take such people seriously .
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