Shoaib Akhtar wants Salman Khan to play him in his biopic

Some Twitter users agree while others argue if it would be a disgrace to the prior or latter

Entertainment Desk May 05, 2020

Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar, who ended his international career with 444 wickets under his belt, was recently quoted saying that if a biopic was ever to be made about him, he’d want Salman Khan to play his role.

Akhtar has always been a fan, considering the number of times he has praised the Bollywood star. In 2016, he met Khan in Dubai and tweeted a picture  saying, "I really enjoyed my time with Salman Khan in Dubai. Great work is being done by his Being Human foundation."

In 2018, the bowler was upset that his “friend” Khan had been sentenced to five years in prison in a case of poaching blackbucks. He said, "Really sad to see my friend Salman Khan sentenced for five years but the law must take its course and we've got to respect the decision of the honourable court of India."

In 2016, the former speedster had also told Mid-Day that it was "up to his fans and film-makers to decide whether a film based on his life should be made or not. But he would want Khan to play him it came to the former.

Akhtar's latest statements have, however, predictably led to a series of discussions on Twitter whereby several users commented on the two.

Many argued if it was too much to ask of the Bollywood superstar, who in his age, might not do justice Akhtar's role. Others, however, wondered if essaying a Pakistani cricketer would not be in good taste for the Dabangg actor.

Some also felt it was not the right time to make such remarks.

The rest continued to find similarities between the superstars, making it sound like the perfect fit.

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