Watch: Irrfan Khan’s old interview about Islam goes viral

The late actor said that misconstrued teachings about the religion needed to be clarified

Entertainment Desk May 02, 2020

Among the several pictures and videos of the late Irrfan Khan that surfaced after his demise, another featuring his heated discussion with a religious cleric went viral on social media.

In the video Khan starts off by saying, "When I was told to pray five times a day I said I don't know the meaning of it, but my mom insisted I pray regardless. My father, however, told me to understand the meaning of it."

He then went on to relay how the people who believe that suicide bombing will get them into heaven are the ones who don't question to understand - and are thus, taken advantage off by certain individuals who lead them astray.

He is then seen arguing with another cleric about how people are misconstruing the teachings of Islam because of such people and so the misunderstandings surrounding the religion need to be clarified.

"If a bunch of people are conspiring to ruin the image of Islam then we should defend it. Our religion does not teach hatred." To this the personality argues that the people they clarify to, should also be willing to listen. "Their ears should be open, if someone is deliberately sleeping, then you can't wake them up."

Resorting to his earlier claim, Khan responded that in order for a person to do that, he needs to be awoken first, "Of course, how can anyone wake anyone else up if they themselves are asleep?"

He then went on to relay how there can be several interpretations of the Quran and certain people use their narrow minded interpretations to mislead others. Further quipping that for him his religion is the harmonious one, the one that is for the entire humanity and not just a certain group of people.

Khan also said that he has removed the word 'proud' from his dictionary and does not even tell his son he his proud of him anymore cause he feels that may actually instigate pride in him.

"Our religion also does not teach us pride and think we are the only ones who know better." Khan went on to add that if does anything that is deemed sinful he will take the onus of it on himself and not try to justify it with his religion.

Further concluding with one of the quotes from his film Life of Pi, "Adult Pi Patel: Faith is a house with many rooms. Writer: But no room for doubt? Adult Pi Patel: Oh plenty, on every floor. Doubt is useful, it keeps faith a living thing. After all, you cannot know the strength of your faith until it is tested."

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