PMS Officers to stage protest after Eid

Provincial Management Service officers irked by unfair treatment and mismanagement

KHALID RASHEED April 19, 2020
Representational image. PHOTO: REUTERS

LAHORE: The Executive Committee of Provincial Management Service (PMS) Officers Association—an organisation of Punjab’s civil service officers—recently held a meeting to talk about various issues concerning the province.

Upon discussing issues pertaining to provision of better service to the people, better human resource organisation and the welfare of PMS Officers, the meeting held Punjab Chief Secretary Azam Suleman Khan’s discriminatory attitude responsible for compromising good governance in the province.

Among other issues, the meeting highlighted that it is only District Management Group (DMG) Officers who are being deployed on key posts of deputy commissioners and administrative secretaries through unfair utilisation of Punjab’s human resource. Which is to say that PMS Officers feel that they are being deprived of their rights and benefits, despite them proving themselves in the field of public service and working diligently under the current circumstance.

Furthermore, the meeting also acknowledged that Punjab Secretary Azam Suleman Khan, whose appointment itself has caused serious legal and constitutional concerns to be raises, has been involved in constant vindication of deputation officers with no regard of Supreme Court’s orders. Resultantly, the high standards of a reputable institution like the Civil Service are being compromised which leads discouragement of dedicated officers and a slump in the quality of service provided to the people.

The attendees of the meeting, have also expressed concern about the circumstances around Naseem Sadiq’s resignation. “It is questionable that while a well-known Grade 21 Provincial Civil Service Officer has left his job with grace to clear his name from the wheat flour scandal, the DMG officers are still allegedly responsible for the same offence. However, unlike Sadiq, they have not only been retained as Additional Chief Secretary of Services and General Administration Department with full support of the Chief Secretary himself but another DMG officer involved in the same incriminating report as Sadiq has been handed the post of ACS (Services Economy),” the meeting attendees revealed.

In view of several concerns raised in the meeting, it has been deiced that the organisation will stage strong protests against the state of lawlessness, mismanagement and the biases in the provincial government, after Eid Ul Fitar. The protest will also demand the meeting of the Promotion Board for the promotions of provincial civil service officers and all efforts will be continued at any cost for the compulsory training of officers, DTL posts and incumbents and civil service reforms.

Moreover, The Executive Committee also paid tribute to the services of PMS Officers, who have been carrying out their duties as deputy commissioners, additional deputy commissioner and assistant commissioner while also performing their duty in the Secretariat regarding policy making during the current coronavirus crisis

The meeting also expressed the hope that that PMS Officers would continue to serve the people of the province with the same dedication and passion which has always been a privilege of the service. In this regard, President PMS Officers Tariq Ali said that although the provincial civil service officers have yet not been protesting for their rights in consideration of the crisis, they will definitely not give up their rights. Whereas, Punjab Chief Secretary Azam Suleman Khan believes the officers are being dealt with in a fair and impartial manner. “PMS Officers are being given share according to the quota, the government is meeting the demands of the PMS Officers as per the rules,” Khan claimed while talking to The Express Tribune

Published in The Express Tribune, April 19th, 2020.