We're just enforcing the lockdown without preparing for re-opening: Nadia Hussain

She asked for walk through disinfectant to be installed and post-lockdown measures to be taken

Entertainment Desk April 14, 2020

In a recent interview, model-cum-actor and designer Nadia Hussain appeared with singer Faakhir Mehmood to discuss the ongoing situation in the country with host Ahsan Khan.

The television host asked the personalities various questions, among which were questions about how they think the situation should be dealt with.

To this Hussain said, "Instead of just talking about the lockdown again and again, we need to prepare for the re-opening. If there are mosques they should work on installing walk through disinfectants from now!"

She added that all the malls need to start working on protocols that people can follow after everything has reopened. "We are simply enforcing the lockdown without preparing for what happens after it ends and that is wrong," she reiterated.

Hussain continued, "We need to focus on the extremely stringent measures that we can enforce after the lockdown. Our world, our lifestyle our way of greeting people, everything has changed completely and we will not be able to return to the world like before."

The entrepreneur then added how this entire process of patiently isolating ourselves could go completely to waste if we continuing the same old patterns post lockdown. "We can't be standing close to each other in the mosques, malls and public places, there needs to be new rules and regulations," concluded the personality.

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