'Ehd-e-Wafa' finale leaves fans with a bittersweet feeling

The SSG gang will surely be missed

Entertainment Desk March 16, 2020

Popular TV show, Ehd-e-Wafa's much-awaited finale aired over the weekend. The episode was a bittersweet moment for audiences, in the sense that while they were happy to see the SSG gang fulfill their aspiration, they were sad to see the show end.

Regardless, audiences and the cast alike expressed their love for the show on Twitter. Actor Osman Khalid Butt tweeted a dialogue from the finally uttered by his character, Malik Shahzain.

'Friends are the family you choose. So choose wisely,' the actor tweeted.

Wahaj Ali who played journalist Shariq Habib posted a picture of the entire SSG gang accompanied by a caption that read "SSG for life".


Fans of the show went on to express their gratitude on Twitter for the team behind Ehd e Wafa.

"Finally, Ehd e Wafa comes to an end.. amazing and wonderful play. So close to reality. At some instant it also bring tears into my eyes.. This series include almost everything from comedy to moral lessons.. Thanks to ISPR for a fabulous story," one user tweeted.

"No one can stop their tears after watching this scene. Friends are life," one user tweeted as he posted a picture of the scene where Ahad Raza Mir's character is in a life and death situation with the rest of the SSG gang breaking down into tears.

Some of them particularly Tweeted in appreciation of Shahzain's character arc.

"Well done Malik Shahzain. From the very first episode to today's last episode, the justice you did to your role is unmatchable. No one is this lucky to find friends like SSG. Stay blessed Cherry blossom Ehd e wafa will be missed," one user tweeted.

"Thanks for giving us Shahzain. From Snake to Naik (kind)  your journey was so good in Ehd e Wafa .Good luck for ur future Ob," another tweeted.

It wasn't just the SSG gang that received all the love. The women of Ehd e Wafa also received praise from audiences.

"An appreciation tweet for women of Ehd e Wafa. Innocent and honestly speaking your heart out as Masooma, be the strength of your man as Rani, never let anyone mess with your life like Dua, be as fearless and ambitious as Ramsha," one user tweeted.

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