Apple joins organisation committed to replacing passwords

Pleasant news for those who hate using passwords

Tech Desk February 12, 2020

Apple has joined the Fido Alliance - an organization devoted to ending over-reliance on passwords - as a board member.

The MacG, a French website broke the news showing a Fido conference presentation with the Apple logo and text stating ‘New Board Member’. Later,  the company updated its webpage to include Apple.

“Authentication standards to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords,” states Fido, reported by Gizmodo.

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While Apple already has security technologies like Face ID, Fido would be looking for ways to replace passwords, creating technology like biometric authentication and physical security keys.

The company has been working on incorporating U2F for a while now and included support for FIDO2 security keys in iOS 13.3 and Safari 13.

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Along with Apple, some other big names in the tech industry such as Amazon, ARM, American Express, Facebook, Google, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, PayPal, Samsung, Visa, Mastercard are also associated with Fido.

This article originally published on Gizmodo.


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