Propaganda stunt: Taliban say Mullah Omar not dead

They insist the rumour was result of Americans hacking their cell phones.

Agencies July 21, 2011


The Taliban on Wednesday said Mullah Omar was alive, accusing the Americans of hacking their phones after a text message sent to media from a spokesperson’s phone said the leader was dead.

In the message, Zabihullah Mujahid said: “Leadership council of IEA (Islamic emirate of Afghanistan) announces that Ameer-ul-Mumineen (Mullah Omar) has passed away. May mighty God bless him.”

He later denied sending the message, speaking by telephone.

“We strongly reject this claim. We are not aware of (any) such news. Americans have hacked our cell phones…and sent the message to the media,” said Mujahid.

A second spokesman, Qari Yosuf Ahmadi, also said phones had been hacked.

“This is a false message. The Westerners hacked into our cell phones and sent the message from our numbers to everyone. They want to deceive the Afghan people. The information is wrong. He is not dead,” said Ahmadi.

The deputy chief of intelligence for the southern city of Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban and an ongoing hotspot of insurgent activity, said the National Directorate for Security (NDS) had no reports of Omar’s death.

“Our intelligence sources as well as the government have not received any official confirmation of his death,” said Abdul Wahab Salih.

The reclusive Omar has not appeared in public since 2001.

In May, shortly after US special forces killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, the NDS said he had disappeared from his suspected hideout in Quetta.

An Afghan intelligence source had initially called a handful of reporters to tell them on condition of anonymity that Omar had been killed in Pakistan by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency.

Journalist Ahmed Rashid said there could be tactical incentives for Western forces fighting in Afghanistan to spread rumours of Mullah Omar’s death. “It could be the Americans or the CIA behind it to sow unrest and division and confusion, which it clearly has done,” he told Reuters.

A spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) declined to comment.

Anand Gopal, an analyst and reporter said even if Omar had died it was unlikely their spokesmen would confirm his death so quickly. “Since so few people have access to Omar, there seems to be little incentive for the Taliban to publicise the death of their leader unless it was absolutely necessary,” he said.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 21st,  2011.


observer | 11 years ago | Reply

@Dr S.A.Khan

VISHU HINDU PARISHAD and other EXTREME GROUPS are not opposed by Hindus..etc

Then why are these groups not ruling India and Nepal?

Pakistan was the first to recognise Taliban that time.why???

Because Taliban is a creation of Pakistan and Pakistan hoped to rule Afghanistan through them.

They are fighting for their own country agaist foreign forces by all means they find.

You need to revisit history. Taliban in fact are a creation of foreign powers, including Pakistan and they fought and deposed the national government headed by Burhanuddin Rabbani, who was elected President by all the Mujahiddin who fought against the Russians. The Taliban did not fight a single Russian soldier.

Is Mulla Umer a terrorist ??????

Yes!!!!! Read UN Resolutions endorsed by Pakistan.

Dr SA KHAN | 11 years ago | Reply

@South African: well said . Totally agree with you. Hat off to ya sir.

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