Why 'Meray Pass Tum Ho' fans can't stop obsessing over Danish's car

Meme makers are coming up with all sorts of conspiracy theories after a continuity error

December 17, 2019

Pakistan’s favourite TV show and national meme bank Meray Pass Tum Ho aired yet another eventful episode over the weekend. Sawera Nadeem’s entry as Maham, Shehwar’s vengeful wife was further solidified in the series, as she sent both her husband and his mistress packing. Shewar was arrested in the opening, spending the rest of the episode in jail, while Mehwish was left to wander the streets after being kicked out of the house. However audiences neither rejoiced or expressed pity over their misery. Instead they were more concerned about Danish’s car .

Social media was flooded with posts pointing out an inconsistency in the episode that shows two distinct number plates on the same car. Some people joked on Danish apparent rise to riches, commenting on his ability to afford two number plates


There were those that went a step further and dug out a post that shows the same car fitted with on of the number plates advertised on a car rental page


Naturally it lead to more theories


Meray Pass Tum Ho is currently on its 18th episode with the plot taking a definitive turn.  Humayun Saeed's character Danish has finally completed his transition from a down on his luck broken man to a wealthy and successful investor who has moved on emotionally.

In contrast, the honeymoon phase for the two antagonists Shehwar and Mehwish played by Adnan Siddiqui and Ayeza Khan respectively, seems to have ended with both being on the receiving end of distress now.

Shewar is sent to jail on the charges of money laundering, which was the courtesy of his wife Maham, who threatens to make life worse for him. Meanwhile Mehwish has practically gone bankrupt both financially and emotionally. The show has received much praise from audiences throughout it's course and it appears that it's finally moving towards the end.

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