MQM office attacked in Lyari: Sources

MQM postpone general workers meeting. MPAs submit five adjournment motions for Sindh Assembly session.

Irfan Aligi/express July 11, 2011

KARACHI: An office of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) came under attack on Monday as criminal gangs fought in Lyari, bringing life to a standstill in the area.

The MQM has so far not given any official confirmation, but independent sources confirmed that an attack did take place on the office.

Two groups clashed in Lyari leading to a complete shutter-down of Lee Market, Baghdadi, Moosa Lande and Khadda Market.

The Rabita committee has also expressed concern over the situation in Lyari and blamed it on the Amn Committee. They alleged that those involved in terror activities in the area had instructions from government officials.

Sources have also said that all unit offices of the MQM have been asked to shut down and limit their activities.

The MQM general worker meeting in Karachi and other areas in Sindh has also been postponed as a result of the law and order situation in the country. MQM chief Altaf Hussain was to address the gathering.

The party will announce a new date shortly.

MQM MPAs have submitted five adjournment motions for the Sindh Assembly session to be held on July 13.

The adjournment motions are on law and order, Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) and electricity load-shedding, gad load-shedding, embankment breaches and price hikes.

Muzammil Qureshi, Heer Soho, Khalid Iftikhar and Amir Moeen Peerzada submitted the adjournment motions.


grinz09 | 10 years ago | Reply

What needs to be done is the elimination of the massive arms bazaar at Sohrab Goth and cutting off supplies from whever they come.

Naveed Raza | 10 years ago | Reply

There is a democratic Government in the country and believes in democratic norms to resolve the issues. Indeed, Karachi is up in flames, but the solution is not the military operation. The nation is well aware of the adverse affects of the use of forces as Mush did. Pakistan is not in a position of sustain such shocks. Those insane voices suggesting military operation in Karachi should not forget the era of 90s and its long lasting affects. Things being as tense as they are, but military option should be ruled out at all costs. Inviting the military to control Karachi may open the doors to another military intervention. Also, as the 1992 experience proved, military might is a blunt weapon that should not be used for urban troubles. If the military is unleashed, the fallout would be dangerous; the damage may be permanent, but the ‘good’ effect (peace and quiet) will not last. Experience shows that when the MQM was rehabilitated by the very same establishment that tried to quell it by military force in 1992, Karachi was laid open to the very risks the military operation was intended to do away with. Democratic Government is very much concerned and law enforcing agencies have occupied the Kati Pahari and Qasba Colony along with Liari. I believe unless MQM is disarmed Karachi would continue burning. The people of Karachi should support government to get rid of this terrorist ethnic group that has become a nightmare for the citizens of Karachi. This is the only solid solution of target killing in Karachi.

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