Shaista Lodhi talks kids, second marriage and morning shows in 'Rewind with Samina Peerzada'

Former host also admitted being on TV deteriorated her relationship with her children

Entertainment Desk September 23, 2019
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The latest celebrity to grace Samina Peerzada's online talk show Rewind with Samina Peerzada was anchor Shaista Lodhi, who came and spilled the beans on her love, life and lost opportunities. In particular, she talked about her second marriage and having wasted the opportunity to make her morning show a bit more meaningful.

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"I must have done some good deed," she said while talking about her second husband. Lodhi recalled her failed first marriage too, calling her ex-husband "a great human being and father" but adding that sometimes, it does not work out between two good people. According to the former TV personality, sometimes parting ways can be better, instead of leading a life of resentment.

Lodhi then praised her cousin and second husband Adnan, sharing how her children also did not find it difficult to adjust with him. "Because they've always known him, they are even closer to him than me"

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Going down the memory lane, Lodhi jokingly revealed that she had been looking for a bride for her ex-husband but ended up finding herself a groom instead. " I must have done some good deed in life for which I got Adnan as my husband," she stated.

Lodhi admitted that back in the day, when she would drop her children off to school in the same clothes that she had worn on TV, they would get annoyed. "My daughter became so upset with my shows, she asked me to not disclose that I am host in front of her friends."

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Eventually, Lodhi realised that her holding marriages on her shows had become embarrassing for the youngsters. Not to mention, owing to her hectic schedule, she was also unable to give sufficient attention to her children which caused a rift between them. According to Lodhi, their relationship has significantly improved since she quit TV.

Lodhi admitted she missed out on the opportunity to utilise her morning show and use it to bring about a positive change in the mindset of Pakistani people, women in particular.


"It was a golden opportunity to change bring change. I could have educated them but I failed to do so. Instead the morning shows were used for such unnecessary purposes. A change in the mindset of a mother or a sister could have changed an entire family," she confessed.

Lodhi believes there is a need to replace people working at higher levels with women to bring out new content altogether. She added, "We have to our jobs following the script, so someone needs to be replaced up there for the shows to bring a change altogether."

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