FIA releases fresh criminal catalogue

Published: September 19, 2019

ISLAMABAD: The top criminal investigation agency in the country has released the latest edition of its Red Book, featuring the most wanted human traffickers in the country.

Prepared by the Federal Investigation Agency, the book contains detailed profiles of 100 most wanted suspects, who are known for their role in the trade of humans for forced labor, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation.

Of the traffickers, only 19 were charged and subsequently arrested. The long list of run-away criminals also includes five women. Three of them hail from Lahore, one belongs to Karachi, while one hails from Islamabad.

The agency’s latest catalog of human traffickers, documents every bit of detail related to the national fugitives. According to the record, more than 40 human smugglers hail from Punjab, 31 come from Islamabad, and 12 from Sindh. The two traffickers from Balochistan secured the title of the most wanted criminals in the 9th edition of the red book. The directory also showcases seven new entries this year.
Since 2006, the agency’s immigration wing has issued eight editions of red book of the most wanted offenders and court absconders involved in human smuggling.

Between 2014 and 2015, the body responsible for undertaking operations against smuggling, espionage, and immigration-related crimes, arrested over 1,800 criminals.

In its quest to control criminal activity, the federal crime busters have captured more than 23,000 individuals over the last three years.
Agency records show 1,000 networks across Pakistan are involved in illegal human trade. These gangs trick people into traveling to countries in Europe and the Middle East only to be forced into slavery or to be part of domestic criminal gangs.

During its crackdown against criminal activities in 2014 and 2016, the federal law enforcement body was able to arrest more than 17,000 individuals involved in people smuggling.

Apart from arresting criminals, the agency has also managed to intercept over 4,000 attempts to smuggle humans outside Pakistan’s borders.ActionIn its bid to curb illegal human trade, the federal agency is deploying modern tools at all exit and entry points in the country.

To aid its crime-busting operations, the agency uses several high tech scanners, UV lights, and other sophisticated screening devices.
Apart from modern gadgetry, the agency has established several contact offices across the Middle East and in Greece.

In addition to the existing network of offices, that help FIA curb human trafficking, the agency has more units on the cards. Sources familiar with the matter said the federal agency plans to open similar contact offices in major European capitals.

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