Operation clean-up: Six militants killed as Kurram offensive continues

Locals describe mass exodus from central Kurram.

Express July 08, 2011
Operation clean-up: Six militants killed as Kurram offensive continues


At least six militants were killed during ongoing military offensive in the Kurram tribal region on Thursday, sources said.

The militants were killed in a clash with security forces in the tribal region’s Marghan area, while security forces said that at least 14 suspects were held during a search operation in Chapari village in Lower Kurram. Security officials said they had so far captured three militant hideouts.

Meanwhile, locals were fleeing from Karat, Changi Banada and Dambaki areas in central Kurram to seek refuge in safer areas.

Mavaz Khan, a political administration official in Kurram, told reporters that at least 550 families had arrived in the Davrani camp in the Tando Sam area, near Sadda town in Lower Kurram.

He said that Unicef, Fata Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) and other agencies were helping to provide facilities to the displaced people. Local sources said that people from the Masozai, Dogar, Ali Sherzai and other areas were arriving in this camp in great numbers.

However, local elders said that as many as 3,800 people were living out in the open in the Darsmand area of the Hangu district, adding that no camp had been set up there.

Malik Toor Badshah, a tribal elder, urged the FDMA and international aid agencies to set up a camp in the area for the displaced people.

The military operation was launched on Monday to rid central Kurram of militants and to secure the Parachinar-Thall highway for means of transportation.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 8th, 2011.


jam | 13 years ago | Reply

Dear all Its all threats made by uneducated pakistanis in pahtoon families.They are used these threats as mean of job.Which is shame ful for us.They get money from world terrorist country to fear the people. Pakistan Army is more appreciated on starting operations in Kurram Agency.Pakistan Army long live with bless of God. I ask question from lower Kurram Civilians why they support Taliban from last four years.

If they not support they willl not suffer & displaced to Camp Area.

Realities will not hidden by eyes. God help Pakistan Army.

Pakistan Army Zindabad

Gulbahadur | 13 years ago | Reply The road which is supposedly under the control of TALIBAN is about 25 km (TALL TO BAGAN).Why the army is wasting its ammunition in an area which has no bearing on thal to Bagan road.The real centres of taliban are Manduri,Uchat and Chapri. All these areas have military posts since the British regime.There are army contingents located in these villages.My question is why these contingents are not used to secure the road?It seems that the army is either facking or they have some other motives.May be after a week they come arround and force the Turis(Shia of KurramAgency) to allow the Haqani group.If they have this thing in their mind,they are making a grave mistake. Shias of kurram have no place to migrate to. They have no choice but to fight and they have proved this in the years preceeding the Islamization of ZiaulHaq.They might start fighting the Pakistani Army and the consequencies of that war will be extremely dangerous.Pakistan Army will split on sectarian divide and we will witness another Bangladesh type situation.There are many international actors who will be more than willing to exploit the situation.Kurram road is effectively closed by the people with their neparian designes and there is a limit of any atrocities.The army and its bosses must have a second look of its unrealistic policies.How long you can blockade an area as large as karachi.Have mercy on us.We are all suffering both Shias and Sunnis.
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