PM rules out backing militants for Kashmir

Imran says India may stage false flag operation to create situation similar to post-Pulwama

Rehman Azhar August 08, 2019
Prime Minister Imran Khan. PHOTO: FILE

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday ruled out supporting militant groups as an option in the wake of India’s illegal annexation of Kashmir, saying that doing so would be detrimental to the cause.

The premier also apprehended the possibility of India staging a false flag operation in a bid to create a situation similar to post-Pulwama so that the world’s attention could be diverted from what was happening in the occupied valley.

“The threat is very real. We will have to respond to such a scenario and this is how we have seen wars starting between nations,” PM Imran told a group of senior journalists.

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The prime minister said it seemed that US President Donald Trump’s mediation offer triggered India to make the hasty decision of depriving occupied Kashmir of its special status by revoking Article 370 its constitution.

“We tried really hard to normalise ties with India,” he explained. “But they [Narendra Modi’s government] exploited the situation. They exploited Pulwama [attack] for their elections. They have been lobbying to get us blacklisted by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force] as well,” he added.

The premier maintained that Modi was following in the footsteps of Hitler. “His party BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party] is pursuing the same tactics that the Nazis did [in Germany]. They want an India that is only for Hindus alone and carry out genocide in Kashmir,” he remarked.

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PM Imran said the Indian government’s move in Kashmir is not meant to benefit anyone but driven by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sang’s (RSS) Hindutva ideology or "Hindu supremacy" according to which Christians and Muslims were invaders.

The prime minister said there would be a strong reaction in occupied Kashmir after the curfew is lifted there.

“Things are quite serious. India has played its last card on Kashmir. They don’t have any other option after this,” he added.

PM Imran said war was not an option but Pakistan needed to tell the world about what was happening in occupied Kashmir. “We were heard for the first time after Pulwama and now the world has started to understand the gravity of this issue,” he noted.

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“Modi has actually committed a blunder [by stripping occupied Kashmir of its special status] and it will give fresh impetus to the indigenous freedom struggle, leading to the liberation of Kashmir.”


Later, the prime minister asked the international community if it had the “moral courage to prevent India from carrying out genocide in occupied Kashmir.

“Will we watch another appeasement of fascism, this time in the garb of BJP government,” he tweeted.

The prime minister said that the entire world was looking to see what transpired in the valley after the curfew was lifted by the Indian regime.

“Does the BJP govt think by using greater military force against Kashmiris in IOK, it will stop the freedom movement? Chances are it will gain momentum,” he wrote.


SharifL | 2 years ago | Reply Comparing Modi to Hitler is nor right. We should be careful of such comparisons. Hitler was evil, Modi has made some wrong moves. Before the Indian elections, IK said that victory for Modi will be good for a relationship. How wrong can he get?
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