New trend: Artificial flowers popular on festive occasions

Published: July 21, 2019


ISLAMABAD: They are not fresh and they don’t have fragrance. They are allergen-free, low maintenance and inexpensive artificial flowers. Once considered as pariahs of decor, these faux blooms have become increasingly popular in the federal capital, primarily due to their longevity and affordable price tag.

“Artificial flowers do have a fragrance but these flowers can be preserved for a long time,” said Murtaza Bhatti, a local dealer. “They are not very expensive. A decorated pot costs Rs3,000 to 10,000,” Bhatti added.

Alternatives to natural flowers, these man-made blooms are made from a range of materials including silk, foam, plastic, paper and even latex.

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According to the dealers in the city, the faux flowers are the most commonly used decorative items at weddings, birthdays and homes.

“Demand for artificial flowers has increased since 2008 when I started the business,” claimed Sheikh Rashid, another vendor in the city. “Consumers are looking for beautiful floral arrangements that last longer,” he added.

A significant portion of Pakistan’s artificial flowers are imported from China, Thailand, Singapore, and Netherland.

Vendors credit technological advances made in the last few decades for the improved quality of artificial floral products.  With improved product quality, faux flowers can now look incredibly realistic, making for beautiful bouquets and home decorations. 

Published in The Express Tribune, July 21st, 2019.

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