Table Talk: Wild Wings

Published: July 22, 2019

A sports themed restaurant serving unique flavours in the city of Lahore, Wild Wings has quickly made a name among the locals.  18 different hot sauces, gooey mac and cheese, salad jars and chilli cheeto burgers are what make this eatery stand out among the rest on the block. We catch up with Faraz and Lubna Faraz Gul who partnered up with Omer Ehtasham and Harika Ehtasham to launch Wild Wings, to talk about their culinary journey and the flavours on the menu

How did your culinary journey begin?

Culinary business was always a lifelong passion that we didn’t pursue due to other commitments. About two years ago, all four of us, while on a trip decided to open up a place where food meets sports and focus on chicken wings and burgers, and here we are today!

What inspired you to establish an eatery in Lahore?

After establishing a great clientele in our hometown, Islamabad, we decided to challenge the people of Lahore to our hottest wings, keeping in view the potential and public persuasion.

Wild Wings is offering a wide variety of food items; were you ever reluctant to add a certain item to the menu?

Never! We love adding new items and experimenting with ingredients.

What was the vision behind establishing a sports themed restaurant?

We wanted a place where everyone can enjoy all kind of sports with their friends and family along with great food!

Which wings are the hottest on the menu? Are you good at handling spicy food?

We love spicy food! Right now our flavour “Snake Bite” is the hottest of all. We introduce different sauces all the time so be sure to try them all!

Which item from the menu is your personal favourite?

All of them but if we had to choose one then we love our chilli cheetos burger and wild wings original naked wings!

What are the challenges that come with sustaining a restaurant?

A lot of our items require imported ingredients. It’s getting difficult now to find them which causes a shortage in our items at times.

What is your least favourite culinary trend?

Too much cheese everywhere! We love cheesy sauces but not on everything!

In your opinion what differentiates Lahore and Islamabad in terms of taste and food choice?

Lahore is definitely a larger city with more variety of cuisines. People in Lahore are a little more experimental and we love that!

How would you describe Wild Wings and its meals?

A place where you can find a delish combination of flavours, try almost 18 different sauces on your wings and have fresh burgers, shakes and more!

What is in store for Wild Wings in the future?

We have started “Wild Wok” as well which is our authentic Thai and Chinese cuisine. Get ready for more exciting flavours coming your way!

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