One On One: Aisha Talha Farooqui

Behind the scenes with Aisha Talha Farooqui

July 22, 2019

Ace wedding photographer Aisha Talha Farooqui takes us behind the lens and into her real world. Her work is not only widely recognised in Pakistan but has been featured across the border as well. The Indus grad has a great panache for story telling which makes her work a real treat for the eye. With a perfect blend of dreamy hues, and attention to detail, Aisha shares with us her favourite photography tips, the most challenging part of being a photographer in Pakistan and so much more

What sparked your interest in photography?

Back in the 90’s when every kid’s parents owned a Kodak SLR, my father used to document every moment in a picture which sparked my initial interest in it. To build on my initial interest during my time at IVS, I took photography as my minor and later did my thesis using that medium. The interest became a career during my university time and I haven’t looked back since.

How do you bring your inspiration into reality?

By feeling every moment that I am experiencing at that particular time and capturing those moments which will be a life long memory for someone.

What type of photography do you do most? What do you enjoy about it and why?

Currently, wedding photography is my forte but back in my under grad days I went to Lyari and Peshawar (refugee camp) to document their life and I particularly enjoyed that genre as well.

What is the most challenging part about being a photographer for you?

Being a woman in our current society is a challenge itself, let alone being a female photographer. When I first started it was extremely difficult to overcome the hurdles, won’t lie but there were days when I thought about quitting but again life had other plans for me. Fought the odds and here I am, still standing strong.

How has the Pakistani photography industry changed over the past few years?

It has changed significantly, gone are the days when Jimmy’s and Dossani’s were the only go to places for a posed picture, the market has a vast variety of youngsters learning new and different techniques. Universities have started offering different courses in this field which has increased the pool of talented photographers, giving everyone a variety of options.

Describe your photographic style? How did this style come about?

Every photographer learns and then builds up on their style, initially I was inspired by local and international photographers who were aesthetically quite strong especially Diane Arbus’s work which led me to document in Lyari and Peshawar during my under grad school days. Later on the style kept building up as new softwares came about, through trial and error it keeps improving

What is your best photography tip?

Keep learning and practicing, until you find your work style. Don’t let the failures hold you back.

What makes a good picture?

There is no hard and fast rule for a good picture. It all comes down to your learning and aesthetics.

Do you think the photography industry in Pakistan needs improvement?

Photography industry has changed and developed significantly over the years, it still needs work for sure! People need to step out of classism and consider this as a respectful profession, respecting someone’s time and profession are two things this field has yet to experience.

What is the most rewarding part of being a photographer?

When people recognise you (in a good way of course!)

What advice would you give to young women aspiring to become photographers?

Work hard, there is no right or wrong here, your practice and determination will pay off!

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