Bilawal rejects 'puppet' govt, garners support for PPP candidate in Ghotki

Published: July 15, 2019

HYDERABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, while leading a rally from Sukkur to Ghotki districts on Saturday, reiterated his rejection of budget 2019-20 and sought the people’s support for PPP’s candidate in NA-205 by-polls in Ghotki. “I am fighting for the people in the parliament. I confront all the puppets and their lies and frauds and expose their real faces. And we have also taken to the streets, started protest to expose their lies and frauds,” said Bilawal as he spoke to a crowd of the party’s supporters.

Bilawal sees conspiracy behind ‘selective’ accountability

“And we are also fighting them in the by-elections,” he said, referring to the NA-205 by-elections. He said despite the conspiracies to oust the PPP’s candidate Sardar Muhammad Bux Mahar from the contest, his candidate is ready for the election.

Alluding to the independent candidate Ahmed Ali Mahar, who is being supported by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Grand Democratic Alliance, Bilawal said the opponent is trying to run away from the contest. “They are afraid of the people and their support for the PPP. But Sardar Muhammad Bux Mahar will not allow them to run away.”

The independent candidate, who is son of former federal minister Ali Muhammad Mahar after whose death on May 21 the constituency became vacant, has demanded army deployment for security. Mahar, PTI and GDA have alleged that the PPP’s Sindh government is influencing the by-polls in utter violation of the Election Commission of Pakistan’s code of conduct. “We won’t let selection happen in Ghotki,” cautioned Bilawal.

He said the PPP will send home packing the selected and puppet government of PTI and form the people’s government. He blamed Khan for destroying the country’s economy and making employed people redundant while promising hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

PTI, GDA accuse PPP of violating ECP code of conduct

Dubbing the federal budget as anti-people, he said the budget provided relief to the rich and pain to the poor people, working and middles classes. “The amnesty scheme and NRO for the thieves and plunderers of the public wealth and budgetary support for the rich, bailout of billions of rupees for the billionaire bankers and stock brokers while tsunami of inflation and storm of taxes for the poor people. This is what the PTI has done.”

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