'Annabelle Comes Home' review: Some good scares but zero innovation

It scares us just thinking about it

Haddiqua Siddiqui July 02, 2019

KARACHI: A prequel to The Conjuring films, Annabelle Comes Homes is the sixth entry in the acclaimed horror franchise since 2013. This time, the demonic doll comes home, keeping the viewers at the edge of their seats through and through.

The film begins with paranormal activity investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren - played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga respectively - who have just wrapped up a case involving the dreaded Annabelle.


The fearless couple bring the doll to their house and add it to their collection of cursed objects. Talk about bringing trouble home! The Warrens keep Annabelle inside a blessed glass case in the room and lock her away with a clear warning saying, "Positively, do not open!"

Ed and Lorraine also have a daughter named Judy who they frequently leave when on 'business trips' aka solving ghost mysteries around. A week before Judy's birthday, they leave her with the babysitter, Mary Ellen.


As the story unfolds, Mary Ellen's guilt-ridden friend Daniela, who blames herself for her father's death, pays them a visit, snoops around the house, somehow gets inside the secret room of cursed objects and eventually, releases Annabelle. The possessed doll comes alive and immediately starts looking for a soul.

So, begins a series of action sequences in the setting of the Warren's humble abode. The visuals will make you feel claustrophobic and on the edge, though. Perhaps, that is the intention but the production details, especially the cinematography, could have been better. The dim lighting and rolling fog outside are reminiscent of the first Dracula film.


Judy, the little girl, gives a solid performance and is the star of the film. We find out that she has the ability to see the dead. Those who have died often come back to look out for her and that is what happens.

But, Annabelle is not the only one you need to look out for in this film. The Warrens have a collection of other creepy objects to make you scream your lungs out. Not to give any spoilers here but a lady in a white wedding dress is not always a bride; she could be your worst nightmare, too. Debutant director Gary Dauberman knows what he is doing, creating a sinister feel with a tense musical score that binds it all together.

To find out if the girls survive this night of horror or not, you have to watch the film.


Verdict: Annabelle Comes Homes is a slow starter for a horror film but when it takes off, there is no stopping and escaping the scares.

Rating: 3/5

Watch the trailer here:

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