Induction of Shaikh, Baqir challenged in SC

Published: May 24, 2019


ISLAMABAD: Petitions have been filed with the Supreme Court against the appointments of Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh and State Bank of Pakistan Governor Reza Baqir.

The petitions call for suspension of the decision and removal of the people from the two key posts.

Petitioner Maulvi Iqbal Haider has nominated the federal government, Shaikh and Baqir as respondents.

The petition maintained that appointments of Shaikh and Baqir were unconstitutional and against the law due to their dual citizenship.

Hafeez Shaikh assumes charges as finance adviser

The petition states that the finance adviser and the SBP governor had been placed on the instructions of the International Monetary Fund.

Shaikh could neither present a budget nor attend the cabinet session.

“Due to its incompetence, the government is compromising on economic matters,” said the petition, adding that the economic decisions were being made by the IMF.

The court has been requested to accept the appeal against the Sindh High Court’s decision, removing both the people from their posts.

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