Gang rape: Cops file theft cases against victim’s family

Safia’s family was charged with stealing goats, cows and horses every time they pushed for her case to be filed.

Express June 27, 2011


Ruknpur Police allegedly registered a theft cases and beat up the brother and father of a gang rape victim on Sunday afternoon.

According to Duniyapur Ganga residents, police officials charged the brother and father of a gang rape victim of stealing a cow, several goats and two horses. “Every time we approached the police to register the case they told us that we should drop it and within a day there was a new theft case against us,” said 19-year-old rape victim Safia Bibi’s father Aslam.

Safia was raped two weeks ago by a local landlord and his six friends. “She was abducted from our house and taken to a warehouse. Later we had a rape kit done but police refused to do anything,” Safia’s brother Saleem said.

The family said that they had been harassed to drop the case. Aslam told reporters that two days ago he and his son were abducted from their house. “We were blindfolded and beaten with sticks by the landlords and the police officials. I recognised the voice of the inspector attacking me,” Aslam said.

According to details Duniyapur Ganga residents, the family had received death threats and were considering leaving the area. “The police will not do anything. Every time we have pushed to have a case registered, a theft case is registered against us instead,” Saleem said.

Safia Bibi accused landlord Chaudhery Raziq Hussain, Sajad Hussain, Zawar Hussain, Abdul Ghafoor and three others of kidnapping and rape. After no case was registered for weeks, members of the Korai Baloch clan and over 30 women held a hunger camp outside the national press club in Islamabad in support of the gang rape victim.

Prime Minister Gilani has taken notice of the situation and issued orders for the arrest of the accused. The prime minister announced that the family be provided with security.

Police officials arrested Razaq and Sajjad on Sunday and have submitted a challan in this regard. Safia has told reporters that the police still hasn’t revoked the theft cases against her father and brother.

“All these cases have been registered to try and push me to take back my case,” Safia said.

Saddar Circle DSP Akmal Rasheed said that the police would register the case and were investigating. “I have already presented an application to the IG Police, Bahawalpur RPO and Rahim Yar Khan DPO to take up the case. The local police is still pushing for us to revoke the case,” Aslam said.

“My family and I will commit suicide in front of the Supreme Court if we are not provided justice in 15 days,” Safia said.

The name of the victim and her family have been changed to protect their identity

Published in The Express Tribune, June 28th, 2011.


Hedgefunder | 10 years ago | Reply @Sidra Baig: Yes i agree with you. In my early years after graduating, i use to practice in london and there were two types of cases i really did not deal with, Rape and child abuse!! They both somehow left me hollow and i could not say that i would fulfil my oath of office or be in position to provide best defence to a client, as my personal sentiments would have come into play, hence i never defended neither, but once did act on behalf of crown.
Sidra Baig | 10 years ago | Reply @Hedgefunder: Yes you are right that's the beauty of Pakistan, we don't follow rules. We crush caterpillars and then say why there are no butterflies?I just wanted to say that in my view Islamic teaching are better, no best than any other teachings. Our government is busy doing what the do best, politics and let's not forget the hopeless police and army, and helpless Judiciary but do you know case like Mukhtar Mai happens everywhere in the world. US has a re highest rate of rape as compared to other developed countries. India comes on 2nd in the world. In Saudia Sheikhs rape their own maids which are oftentimes not reported. What will you say about this? They are not developed countries, educated people or their Judiciary is not doing well. The real cause of judiciary crisis in Pakistan is due to the prevailing socio-political system where in almost every ruler has force the Judiciary to act according to his political need and requirement leaving behind national interest.
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