China to support Pakistan in crackdown against human traffickers

Chinese spokesperson says Beijing wants to protect legitimate transnational marriages and combat crimes

Our Correspondent May 10, 2019
A Chinese spokesperson says China wants to protect legitimate transnational marriages and combat crimes. PHOTO: EXPRESS

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Public Security of China has sent a taskforce to Pakistan to cooperate with its law enforcement agencies in their crackdown on Chinese gangs involved in fake marriages with Pakistani girls for trafficking them to China allegedly for organ harvesting and prostitution.

“China’s position on the issue of transnational marriage is very clear, that is to protect legitimate marriages and combat crimes,” read a statement issued by the spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan on Friday.

FIA arrests eight Chinese men involved in human trafficking

The statement comes on a day when the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested two Chinese nationals at the Islamabad airport for their suspected involvement in human trafficking and also took three Pakistani women accompanying them into custody.

“If any organisation or individual commits a crime in Pakistan under the banner of cross-border marriage, China supports the Pakistani side to crack down on it according to Pakistani laws,” according to the statement.

The spokesperson further said the Ministry of Public Security of China had sent a taskforce to Pakistan to cooperate with its law enforcement agencies. “China will further strengthen cooperation with the law enforcement agencies in Pakistan, effectively combat crime, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the two peoples, and jointly safeguard China-Pakistan friendly relations.”

The spokesperson claimed that some media reports also fabricated facts and spread rumours and hoped “the people of China and Pakistan do not believe the rumours.”

Another gang busted

The FIA Lahore Zone-I busted another Chinese gang from Lahore’s Johar Town earlier for forcing Pakistan girls into prostitution after promising them a lawful marriage and prosperous future.

Two members of the gangs were Pakistani and 14 Chinese. One of the rescued victims revealed the horrifying details of her exploitation in China. It was revealed that the girls who did not go into prostitution were used for illegal organ transplants.

Nazir Ahmad, the father of one of the victims, registered a complaint with the FIA and told them that how some agents contacted him and lured him into marrying his daughter to a Chinese.

The agents assured Nazir, for a brief period, he would be accompanying his daughter abroad where she would also be allowed to work.

After marrying ‘Musa’, the girl travelled to Islamabad and left for China. After some time, the girl called her father to reveal that the family had been duped.

According to Nazir’s daughter, her husband – who had not converted to Islam – was forcing her into prostitution.

Chinese prostitution gang arrested by FIA in Lahore

When Nazir contacted the agents, he was told to contact their boss Wei Linping in Islamabad. When he contacted Linping, Nazir was told that the agents had received Rs2 million and he would have to pay the amount to get his daughter back.

Nazir was warned that the girl would be forced into prostitution or illegal organ transplantation if he did not pay the amount.

After the Pakistani High Commission intervened, the victim was recovered. In her appearance before the FIA, she revealed that the den of this gang was located in Johar Town.


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