After Hours: Ushna Shah

Published: May 17, 2019

Beauty with brains Ushna Shah jogs her mind as she answers a few of our quirky questions. Find out more about her likes and life. From pet peeves and guilty pleasures to her trademark accessory and current fashion fads she loves, Ushna tells us all!

When did you realise you wanted to pursue acting?

I don’t remember wanting to do anything else. Before I could talk properly I’d put together costumes at home and put on shows for my family. Ever since then I’d star in school plays, town theatre plays and now here I am.

If not an actor, what would you have rather been?

A writer and director, which is something I still want to do.

What has been your most rewarding project?

It’s difficult to say, they’ve all been rewarding in their own ways.

In one line, how would you describe your work journey?

I took the road less travelled.

What is the best part of being famous?

Free perks.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Reruns of mindless sitcoms.

Have you ever used your celebrity status to get out of a ticket?


What is your goal for this year?

My goal for this year is to better myself, master emotional intelligence or at least handle it better. To be more empathetic and venture out my creativity in forms other than acting.

According to you what’s something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes?


What social stigma does society need to get over?

Well let’s start with divorce. So many women stay in unhappy or abusive marriages simply to avoid the label imposed on them by the society.

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive who would it be?

Tupac Shakur and Jinnah. Together.

Biggest pet peeve?

Slow drivers and noisy eaters.  It makes me sick to a point where I have to leave the room.

What would be your trademark accessory?

I usually carry around a giant bag with me that can hold my scripts, laptop and everything else.

What are the three fashion trends you love at the moment?

Long baggy tees, tiny sunglasses and African prints.

One bad habit you want to quit but are unable to?

Staying up till late.

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