Govt school provides unique incentive to students

Published: April 23, 2019


DARYA KHAN: In an effort to urge students to continue their education, the administration at Government Girls’ Primary School Mehr Imam Nasheb took children on a field trip during which they visited different institutions in the district.

The school, which was established in 1988, stands in the middle of a field, surrounded by crops on all sides. The administration stated that the school does not have a playground or park where the children can indulge in recreational activities. The area is very underdeveloped, they maintained.

When students return home after attending classes, they typically help their parents with farming and taking care of the animals, which leaves them with little time for other activities.

The children walk a considerable distance in order to attend classes, the administration said. It was stated that that in order to keep the students interested, they were taken on a tour of different institutions established in the district.

Such activities will increase the children’s interest in their studies, they added. Students visited the e-library, the gymnasium, the park and the mini zoo.

Darya Khan Deputy District Education Officer Rehana Jabeen said that such activities help children learn and grasp new concepts. “This is a positive step towards developing their interest in their studies,” she said.

The children’s parents also appreciated the step taken by the school’s administration. They revealed that they work every single day to earn an income. This leaves them with little to no time to take their children on educational or recreational tours.

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