Ali Zafar shares special message for Pakistan through new 'mili naghma'

'Jaan De Den Ge' is singer's effort to express that it's his responsibility to do something that brings peace

Entertainment Desk March 23, 2019

The whole nation is abuzz with celebrations for Pakistan Day today, including the world of entertainment. While some celebrities are sharing special messages in honour of Pakistan, others are posting pictures of them celebrating with their loved ones.

Singer Ali Zafar has also shared a special message, but in his own way. The Channo crooner actually did what he does best and released a brand new song titled Jaan De Den Ge yesterday, in light of March 23.


The introduction shows Ali dramatically walking on the roof of a building with pink skies in the backdrop. This is followed by glimpses of various things that make up Pakistan: the flag, the streets, the architecture and so on.

"Dekh, yeh des mera (Look at my nation). Iss dharti ki har ada, pe main fida (I am in love with everything about this land), "Tere liye, apni hai har dua (All my prayers are for you). Rakhna sambhaal kar, o mere Khuda (God, please keep it safe)," Ali begins.


The lead up to the chorus is... shaky (for lack of a better word) and sounds somewhat flat, purely from a technical point of view. However, the chorus more than makes up for it. "Jaan de den ge, tere liye, yeh jism o jaan sabhi, tere liye (We will render our lives for you! My life and body, all are devoted for you)."

The visuals carry on with the theme of showing the various aspects of the country including the natural landscapes, the busy roads and the different types of people - all ages, all sects, all cultures, all races, all religions, all classes and all professions. The video features a number of soldiers as well and 'Motorcycle Girl' Zenith Irfan also makes a special appearance.


You can truly see the patriotic spirit and passion in Ali's eyes throughout the song. The video ends with a special message from him: "The only thing worth fighting for... is peace."

Ali also shared a deep thought or two during the media launch of the song. “Pakistan is very important to us since it is facing a situation which calls for unity. Our future will be decided from here. In fact, it has been decided," Express News quoted him as saying.


"The entire nation stood with the Pakistani army in the conditions that arose recently. We are emerging as a nation," he continued. "As an artist, it is my responsibility to do something that revives passion and brings peace to my nation. Since that would lead to prosperity in the lives of our people since there are millions living a life of poverty." Ali went on to explain that he decided to make Jaan De Den Ge  because “peace is a guarantor of prosperity."

Lauding the efforts of Pakistan Army, the Chan Ve singer maintained that the army has rendered numerous sacrifices for Pakistan. “No one can defeat us if we stay united in passion. We are united for peace and give a message of peace to the world.”

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Ali also recalled Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech for peace, reminding everyone that it was lauded across the globe. He added that it is his own responsibility to do good work and refrain from doing anything that could bring a bad name to Pakistan. “I cannot comment on artists who remained silent on the occasion.” He urged the people to extend their support to Pakistan and the Pakistani army.

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