No society can progress without peace: governor

Afghan ambassador lauds Pakistan’s role in hosting Afghan refugees

Mohammad Zafar March 15, 2019
Balochistan Governor Amanullah Yasinzai. PHOTO: EXPRESS

QUETTA: Balochistan Governor Amanullah Yasinzai said Pakistan has played a colossal role for stability in the region as no society can progress without peace.

During a meeting with Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Shukrullah Atif on Thursday, Governor Yasinzai said, “Unfortunately, for many decades the whole region, particularly Afghanistan, has been burning in flames of terrorism. Time has come to shift the focus of regional countries from terrorism to economic growth.”

Yasinzai said soon terrorism in the region would turn into tourism.

The governor discussed Pakistan and Afghanistan trade ties, end of violent mind-set and brotherly relations with the Afghan ambassador.

“Through joint efforts and cooperation both the countries can establish a peaceful future as Afghanistan has a major role in expanding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor towards Central Asia,” said Yasinzai.

The Afghan ambassador lauded Pakistan’s role in hosting Afghan refugees and giving them proper care.

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