Japan deputy consul-general exhibits his sushi-making skills

From selection of knives, to slicing the fish, to the finishing touches, Ashida illustrated his process step by step

Omar Qureshi March 11, 2019
Japanese Embassy of Katsunori Ashida teaches how to make sushi. PHOTO: INP

KARACHI: The consulate of Japan organised on Sunday a demonstration of the popular Japanese dish ‘sushi’ in collaboration with Pakistan Japan Culture Association. The deputy consul-general of Japan exhibited his sushi making skills at the ‘Tuna Fillet Making Demonstration’ held at the Japanese Information and Culture Centre.

In front of a select gathering, invited to observe and understand the art of sushi making, Japan Deputy Consul-General Katsunori Ashida prepared sushi explaining the process step by step along the way. Ashida discussed in detail the art of sushi making, from selecting the right knives to slicing the fish to the moulding of the final dish. A large Tuna fish was used for the demonstration. He explained that Tuna was the ideal choice for sushi as it has an ‘exceptional taste’.

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Sushi is a Japanese dish prepared with sushi-meshi [vinegared rice], usually with some sugar and salt, and combined with a variety of ingredients including seafood, vegetables and occasionally tropical fruits. Although there are several variants of the dish, the main ingredient is ‘sushi rice’. The styles of sushi are many and its presentation varies along with its ingredients. Though usually prepared with raw seafood, some sushi varieties also use cooked seafood items such as calamari, eel or imitation crab meat. The dish can also be prepared as a vegetarian meal.

In recent years, the Japanese dish has emerged as a popular item served at many local eateries in the city. Ashida appreciated the growing popularity of Japanese dishes in Pakistan and expressed his hope that through his illustration more locals would be able to prepare the dish themselves.

The event ended with the audience members being invited to taste the sushi Ashida prepared using Tuna fish.