Rahul Gandhi calls PM Modi 'poster boy of Pakistan'

Indian opposition parties demanding BJP-led government to substantiate claims of killing 'terrorist' in Balakot

News Desk March 07, 2019
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (left) and Congress President Rahul Gandhi. PHOTO: FILE

Indian Congress party President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for calling the opposition the "poster boys of Pakistan" for seeking proofs of Indian Air Force (IAF) airstrike on an alleged terrorist camp in Balakot.

According to NDTV, Rahul said "it is he  [Modi] who is Pakistan's poster boy, not us".

"Modi got ISI to probe Pathankot attack. He invited then Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif for his swearing-in. He, not us, is the poster boy of Pakistan,"  the Congress top leader said.

Several opposition leaders, including international media, have been demanding the proofs of casualties caused by the alleged IAF airstrike, which the Indian government has failed to come up with.

Modi 'questioning' airstrike in Pakistan, says Congress

International media debunked the New Delhi's claims with the help of high-resolution satellite images.

On February 26, Indian fighter jets carried out airstrikes in Balakot on what the Modi administration alleged were ‘militant camps’. Islamabad denied any such camps existed, as did villagers in the area.
Two Reuters reporters, who visited the site of  the bombings, said that up to 15 pine trees were brought down instead.

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