Taliban apologists

Farrukh Sarwar June 05, 2010

ISLAMABAD: For the past few months I have been watching many media reports by people whose sympathies quite clearly lie with the Taliban. I cannot understand how anybody can defend the Taliban given all that they have done to this country and its people. The irony is that a majority is against the actions and radical views of the Taliban, but what one hears in the media is quite lop-sided as much of the discourse comes from these apologists. We need this to stop because the extremists, as can be seen from what happened to the people of Swat, are no one’s friends. Politicians who think that by doing so they can get some votes are only fooling themselves.

Published in the Express Tribune, June 6th, 2010.


KK | 13 years ago | Reply Finaly some common sense. We also have a problem with our politicians being divided on this issue, apart from certain elements in the ISI and the Army. The reason why the politicians are divided is because of the votes, which means that our own people value Taliban to a certain extent. An example would be Sirajul Islam above. Politicians have a responsibility to give direction to the people for the betterment of the country, even if it takes away their votes temporarily. Thats SHOULD be the responsibility. They are the one's who can change the mentality and the direction of the people because they have Power. But our politicians seems to not have matured yet. Still continue fighting with each other, keep blaming each other. Its good to have rivalry but to live in the past can be harmful. People like PML-N's candidate rubbing shoulders with taliban and extremists openly is a shame. When will our politicians stand up for once and openly join hands against these barbaric people.
Faheem | 13 years ago | Reply There was peace in Afghanistan yes, but that only compared to the level of destruction that prevailed previously. Poppy production was down, yes, but is that the only level of measure for a countries success? If Americans or the West wanted to deny that the Taliban sorted the poppy problem, would they publish statistics to the contrary? I'm not saying going around policing the world is a good thing, I am against it. I am not "shy" to say it to anyone. I interact with a lot of people from the West, and I tell them the same thing. And you know what, they all agree. Peace deal with the Taliban? There can be no peace deal. How can there be one when an ideology is fundamentally based on the principle that its their way or the high way. They will not accept any other sect, let alone any other religion than theirs. Can anyone deny that. Pakistan was a country made for a minority, cause were mistreated. Sadly we are doing the same to our minorities. Yes, International politics is a dirty game, but like KK mentioned, as citizens of this republic, what have we done to prevent it? Have we done anything to strengthen institutions in our country? But that's not the point here. We really have to go beyond this entire, "its not our fault, we are angels, its RAW" scam. Hell we can't even feed our own people. I mean what is the conspiracy against? Was there ever a period in our history where we were so good that we could have even been a regional power? Point being, we don't need anyone else to "destroy" us, we're doing a pretty good job at it ourselves. We have to solve our problems.
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