Trust between govt and opposition only way forward: Khursheed Shah

Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah gives his take on the government

Ahmed Mansoor January 17, 2019
PPP leader Khursheed Shah. PHOTO: FILE PHOTO

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples party senior leader Khursheed Shah spoke with The Express Tribune about the incumbent government, Imran Khan and ways to take the country forward.

Talking about the latest tweet from the prime minister where he wonders why politicians and lawmakers want to go abroad, Shah says it is weird how Imran keeps talking about making laws and fixing the state when he does not even show up at National Assembly sessions.

While talking about the affairs of the state, Shah said the only way forward is for the opposition and the government to trust each other and only then will people be able to move forward with unity. He said unity is a prerequisite for the smooth running of democracy and parliamentary functions.

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Talking about the upcoming mini-budget, Shah said that although Finance Minister Asad Umar is deeming it an amendment in the existing finance bill, it is still being presented as a mini-budget, which will come under discussion much like a budget. Since the process for both are the same, Shah added, “one can say that what will be presented will be a mini-budget”.

Criticising the government, Shah said it has failed completely and that people are buried under the pressure of inflation. “One could have never imagined that inflation will hit the country so badly. Taxes have doubled while agriculture and exports are badly hit,” he said.

Shah further said that the prime minister still talks and thinks like he is in the opposition and on top of a container. “Only when Imran comes off the container in his head, will he be able to bring about actual change.”

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He also took a hit at the loans that the government has taken and said that this was the first time in history that the rupee fell against the dollar by about 35 rupees and that this government has already taken a record amount in loans, further exacerbating the debt already looming on the country.

When asked if he sees the current government completing its five years, Shah said he hopes that they deliver a success story and that they can finish their tenure but was quick to add that if the performance continues to be zero like it has been, there is not much hope for the government.


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