Pakistani man saves 13-year-old girl from prostitution for 'love' in Dubai

Pakistani girl was forced into prostitution by 49-year-old man, who brought her to UAE pretending to be her father

Tribune Report January 09, 2019
Pakistani girl was forced into prostitution by 49-year-old man, who brought her to UAE pretending to be her father. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

A Pakistani man, who 'fell in love' with a 13-year-old girl forced into becoming a sex worker by another Pakistani in Dubai, has saved her from a life of prostitution, according to The Khaleej Times.

The 25-year-old admitted to having sex with the minor several times "with her consent".

He reported the girl's plight to the authorities, which led to her rescue.

The court of first instance heard that another Pakistani man, 49, brought the 13-year-old to the country, after claiming to be her father, and forced her into selling her body.

He 'raped' the girl and then assaulted her with a stick every time she refused to have sexual intercourse with him.

The accused man would run a brothel in Abu Hail in Dubai and was arrested along with two of his countrywomen, who also face prostitution charges.

He is facing charges of human trafficking, running a brothel, molestation and facilitating paid sex for the other two women.

The case was reported in September 2018. According to court records, the girl told prosecutors that the accused forced her into prostitution back home two years ago.

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He then issued a visit visa for her and brought her to the country, claiming she was his daughter. The girl was forced to have sex with "11 men of different nationalities" every day for money.

"He raped me back home and here [in the UAE] too. He hit me with a stick every time I refused to have sex with him," the girl told prosecutors.

The 25-year-old defendant, was a customer at the brothel, fell in love with the girl and promised to marry her.

He reported the girl's plight to the police after he received a text message from her brother, who resides in Pakistan, requesting for help.

The police raided the place and arrested the two women, both aged 23, who admitted to working as prostitutes.

They also corroborated the girl's rape claims. They said the brothel's owner approached the girl while he was drunk and wanted to have sex with her.

He assaulted her when she refused. Both women admitted that the accused paid Pakistani Rs200,000 to their families to bring them to the UAE.

The 49-year-old denied rape charges but admitted to consuming alcohol.

He also admitted he brought the teenager to the country for prostitution and facilitated paid sex for the other two women.
Forensic reports showed bruises on the young girl's body.

The article originally appeared in The Khaleej Times

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