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Published: December 31, 2018

With the year coming to an end, TEdit highlights the people who made it to the news, worked behind the scenes, and encouraged people to stay fit, captured moments, made events memorable and so much more. TEdit brings to you the people on the top of their game in their respective fields

Social MediaInfluencers

With so many social media influencers, it was hard to find the ones who made the cut. Below are three influencers whose taste, style and opinion help us make better fashion judgements.

Social Media Style Star

Everyone is a social media style star as long as they have their unique sense of style and are photographed well. However there are some

Male Models

We have been blessed with some really good looking hunks in our fashion industry, but there are a few who have stole our hearts the first time they were captured on camera.

Fashion Photographers

Fashion photography plays an extremely significant role in the fashion industry. Below are three fashion photographers who bring out the true essence through every click.

Female Models

These girls are not only photogenic but are also fierce and confident. Whatever they wear, they own it and make even the simplest of outfits look like a million bucks.

Makeup Artists

With so many make-up trends on the rise, it’s hard to find someone whose make-up not only looks good in pictures but also in real life. Above are three such fabulous make-up artists!

Fitness Trainers

Being fit has become one of the latest trends in Pakistan, but these trainers have been putting in their sweat and blood to make sure their clients make it their lifestyle!


This year the following designers took the fashion world by storm! Each piece was a product of hours of labour, brain storming and team work!


These actors have been stealing our hearts one role at a time. They depict the true character through hours of preparation and hard work.


Pakistani musicians have been experimental and stepped out of their comfort zone to provide their listeners a never-before experience this year. It is safe to say these three have been on the top of our playlist.

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