Tribune Take: 5 fashion predictions for 2019

Published: December 19, 2018

KARACHI: Some of you may still be organising your winter wardrobe. But, guess what? It’s time to focus on the future. With the New Year dawning upon us, it’s important to know about the up and coming trends of 2019.

The season of fashion weeks is when fashion connoisseurs flock to shows and take cue from the ensembles, accessories and silhouettes donned by models on the catwalk. But here’s a tip: Don’t wait until next year to discover new trends. Get shopping ahead of time with these five predictions in mind.

1. Snake overtakes the leopard



Animal prints are timeless. You’d have noticed them back in the 80s just like you see them on today’s streets. However, it’s usually the classic leopard print that you spot out and about. Rarely do we see someone clad in snake print… but the coming year will change that. 2019 will probably witness the rise of this pattern with many sporting everything from pants to bags and much much more.

2. Acrylic all the way



Jewellery trends saw a drastic change this year with people shifting from chokers to daintier pieces. Not only that, bigger earrings came into the scene with necklaces on the back burner for the moment. And it seems like this will carry on to next year with earrings still serving as the focal point. However, it seems like quirkier items will come into play in 2019, particularly acrylic ones. You can dress them up or down and they’ll definitely add an eccentric touch to your outfit.

3. Bamboo ‘It’ is


This eye-catching accessory has already made its way to some of our wardrobes but if not, it should definitely be on your wish list. Not only does the bag make for a statement piece but it’s actually big enough to fit a lot in. The open-weave bamboo creates a rather mesmerising effect and is sure to take your look up a notch. Believe it or not, it has all the potential to become the next ‘It’ bag.

4. Old-school oval



This year had everyone going gaga for the angular 90s shades with tiny silhouettes. Next year will also see old-school sunnies but from a different era. The 60s oval sunglasses are all set to make an entry in 2019, so make sure to get your hands on a pair in time for spring.

5. Gloss it up



Matte makeup seemed to be the biggest cosmetic trend for the longest time. However, glossy products are making their way to the forefront with dewy skin, highlighted cheekbones and shiny lips gaining popularity. 2018 served as the transitioning period, where women were seen sporting both matte and glossy looks. 2019, on the other hand, will probably witness people donning the latter throughout the year.

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  • Bunny Rabbit
    Dec 21, 2018 - 5:49PM

    How about a natural glow all because of fresh fruits and vegetable intake and not because of coslty serums , walking , sweating it out in the sun and not because of costly spas ? Recommend

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