Plan to use drip irrigation system in green belts on the cards

Published: December 5, 2018


GUJRANWALA: We are planning to introduce sprinklers and drip irrigation systems to save water and ensure the best results in Gujranwala.

This was said by Horticulture Expert and ARID Agriculture University Islamabad Professor Dr Shahid Javed Butt in Gujranwala on Tuesday.

He added that a training session programme was being arranged in collaboration with horticulture experts to educate officers and staff on research and technology.

He maintained that as part of the plan, the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) Gujranwala will introduce sprinklers and drip irrigation systems in parks and green belts to conserve water and ensure the best results.

Javed Butt maintained that PHA will play its role in utilising advanced technology and research to make Gujranwala beautiful. “Drip irrigation systems will not only ensure the growth of beautiful flowers and plants but will also help in conserving water,” he pointed out.

He elaborated that the move will add beauty to the city and will reduce expenditures.

Meanwhile, agriculture experts said that drip irrigation is a modern way of irrigating crops and also helps save water. They said that it also helps to reduce expenses and is effective for uneven or far-off agricultural fields.

They highlighted that under the drip irrigation system, water is supplied to the roots of the plants in the form of well calculated drops which are enough to fulfill its needs for optimum growth. The technology can save water and can also make barren land cultivatable.

Experts pointed out that the system helps the salts to move deep into the soil so that they can be easily absorbed by the roots.

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